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Bungey Jump

Bungy jumping is taking the world by storm, particularly after having recently found additional venues within the highest mountain peaks in the world - the Himalaya mountain range. It’s a crazy sport that has some of the best views imaginable, if you don’t mind heights and being upside down. It has to be said that the Nepal bungy jump experience, with the longest free-fall to date, is nothing like you could imagine at 160 meters over the untamed waters of the Bhote Koshi. It is about a three hour drive from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, to begin your adrenalin pumping adventure.

At the moment there is only one bungy jumping agency operating in Nepal, known as ‘The Last Resort’. This agency hosts some of the most experienced jump masters in the field of bungy jumping. The jump they offer was designed by one of the leading consultants in New Zealand and abides by the strict international standards, thus guaranteeing the utmost safety from beginning to end. The bungy jump in Nepal takes place from a 166 meter steel suspension bridge that is Swiss designed and made specifically for bungy jumping with a safety factor of x4 and a loading factor of 4.5t or 41,500kg. Interestingly, before the bridge was constructed, surrounding villagers would have to walk for about 5 hours in order to cross the river gorge safely.

The Last Resort offers a full package for adrenalin junkies. On the first day of your bungy jumping experience you will be provided with both lunch and dinner which will take place around the jump. As the time nears the anticipation almost seems too much before being transported off to the bungy jump site. It must be said, nothing can prepare you for this most unforgettable jump you will make. You will then spend the night at the resort, however, your experience does not stop here. On the second day you will enjoy a wonderful breakfast before you are once again whisked away from ‘The Last Resort’ to a site close to where you had previously jumped, this time you will get up close and personal, viewing the scenery from a totally different perspective while white river rafting and completing the Bhote koshi which entails 80 of the most challenging rapids. Lunch will then be provided before you make your way to your outside accommodation.

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